Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's March and it's snowing, spring should be here by now, the sun should be shining shyly... but it's not, instead it's snowing like in a fairytale... (You know the one when Hell freezes over?!)
Even though insects are still frozen in they long and comfortable sleep I'm working overtime like a busy, busy bee. I'm running around in odd circles, dreams coming true in the weirdest circumstances... (You know the one when you have to be careful what you wish for, 'cause it might just come true?!)
Somehow I'm proud, it's such a strange comfort to know that in some circumstances this is as low as I'll ever get. Somehow I'm happy, somehow I'm worried, there is still so much to do, so much of me to show, still so much to prove, and I have always been the Dare type of person. I was convinced that it was because I have courage, but now that I think about it maybe it's because I'm more scared of telling the truth out loud than of making a fool of myself... (You know the one when you win some and lose some?!)
Where to now? One never ever knows, and I enjoy the plot twists, I cherish having the power to choose. And what I love most and I hope I never lose... the capacity to be surprised! To be swept completely off my feet by some mind blowing sight, sound or random fact. I love how the world is so incredibly small and interconnected and nobody can fake the honesty of that smile when you just linked too parts together just to see the bigger picture.
Do you think the world is your stage? Do you think the play was written with you as the lead, (or just an extra)? Do you wonder who is the playwright? Would you like Chekhov, Caragiale or Camus better? Or perhaps Ionesco it the one you relate in your absurdity? Do you wish you could skip to the end? (Do you know the one when curiosity killed the cat?!)

There's a bottle on the table with a label saying "drink me"
Will you cross the line?

And you know you've been here a thousand times before intoxicated on the floor
Will you reach back for more?