Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is Gonna Fight For Her Right (To Party!)

Ok, so let's set aside the cheesy songs as titles an in all seriousness I'll write this entire post on a positive and happy note, because why the fuck not?! So what if the universe decided to screw me over, I can obviously handle it, otherwise, I would not be here, now would I?
So I'll just let the path in front of me get covered with fresh snow, like a new beginning because nothing can compare to the feeling of walking on pristine snow, leaving your tracks and hearing it crunch beneath your feet. It makes me smile just thinking about it. Oh, and something else that makes me smile, (because I'm such a terrible girly girl) are my new very (very!!!) red shoes. Yes, I seem to have found the key to depression - buy some obscenely expensive shoes ans if your depression is tragic - make them red ones! Sex and the City anyone?!

So in order to get back on my feet, high heels and all, I declared war to the system and called my parents to let them know if they ever hear of a bomb going off in my university it's a pretty high chance that was me, because damn it I can't party when I'm worried and upset!
Also I made a strict resolution: I will stop asking myself "Why?" it is a stupid question and the answer is simple - Because I made it so. Because my choices (and not anyone else's) have brought me here, because I always chose the more interesting solution to a problem, the twisted road, the curious answer. So no more whys for me. Everything I am and do is but a consequence of my own free will and choice, and that helps me sleep at night.
Like Gatsby I believe in the green light and so I beat on... and I always do this with my feet when there's nothing more to say or do.